Q. Who created DepoDock?
A. After eight years of experience in working with attorneys and law firms as an office manager, bookkeeper, and secretary, Joanne Harmon decided to use her expertise to form DepoDock. The company was established in 2008. Having personally performed summarization and proof reading of transcripts for many attorneys over the years, she has seen first hand that deposition summaries are one of the most valuable tools an attorney has in litigation. No deposition summary is sent to a client without final approval from Joanne.

Q. How can DepoDock help my practice?
A. DepoDock’s summaries can save you both time and money. Our format is concise and easy to read, allowing quick focus on the key facts of your case. DepoDock’s deposition summaries can also help reduce the expense of expert witnesses. DepoDock’s quick turn around and low cost provide a viable, cost efficient alternative to having summaries done in-house.

Q. How long does it take to get a completed deposition summary?
A. Standard turnaround time is only seven business days* at a cost of just $1.25 per transcript page. Deposition summary orders must be placed by 10am EST (Eastern Standard Time) in order to be completed no later than 5pm EST seven business days later. Orders placed after 10am EST will be completed no later than 5pm EST 8 business days later. Weekends and holidays are not considered as business days. DepoDock can provide rush jobs by special arrangement. Rush rates are $2.25 per transcript page.

*The following days are not counted as business days: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, day before Christmas, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas.

Q. Isn’t paying by the hour less expensive?
A. No. Paying by the hour can be subject to padding, and you have no way of knowing for sure what the end cost will be. By using DepoDock’s services, you know what your cost is ahead of time, since the charge is based on the number of transcript pages.

Q. Isn’t it more cost efficient to have in-house staff summarize depositions?
A. No. When you factor in the cost of salaries, benefits and other employee expenses, DepoDock’s services are more cost efficient in most cases. By allowing DepoDock personnel to summarize your transcripts, you can both save money and re-direct your employees to other work that must be done in-house.

Q. Is DepoDock’s service easy to use?
A. Yes. DepoDock’s deposition summary ordering process is fully web based and therefore paperless (Go Green!). To send us your transcripts, click on the red “Send a Transcript” link located on the left sidebar. Please be aware that submitting a transcript for summarization indicates that you have accepted DepoDock’s Terms of Use. Terms of Use may be reviewed via the link at the bottom of each page. In just seven business days, you can expect to receive your completed summary via email.

Q. How do I pay?
A. When your deposition summaries are completed and ready for delivery, you will receive a notification email from DepoDock. Payment is accepted via credit card through PayPal, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Q. What kind of volume can DepoDock handle?
A. Whether you need one deposition summarized or a large number, DepoDock can accommodate you. Unusually large summary orders can be accepted after consultation. You can expect the same quality and service, no matter what your deposition summary needs are.

Q. Do you provide samples of your work?
A. Yes. For an example of our standard format, please click here.

Q. Who will be summarizing my transcripts?
A. DepoDock has a team of select American summarizers who have passed a written test and been provided with personal training from Joanne Harmon. All summarizers conform to DepoDock’s strict requirements of accuracy and quality. We do not outsource deposition summaries outside of the United States.

Q. What about quality control?
A. Every deposition summary is carefully proof read to ensure an accurate product. No summary is sent to a client without final approval from the owner of DepoDock.

Q. If I still have questions, what is the best way to contact you?
A. Email us at depodock@gmail.com. All emails are answered promptly.

Q. As a DepoDock customer, what can I expect in terms of confidentiality?
A. All of DepoDock’s work product is held to the highest level of confidentiality. We will never sell your email or divulge other business information to other companies. Confidentiality agreements are welcomed and willingly signed.