Efficient. High Quality. Low Cost.

It’s That Simple.

DepoDock provides you with comprehensive, accurate and easy to read deposition summaries!

• Deposition summaries cost only $1.25 per transcript page. DepoDock does not hide behind a range of prices or negotiable rates. You always know the cost upfront. There is no additional charge for expert witness summaries

• Standard turnaround for completed deposition summaries is 7 business days. If you need it sooner, the DepoDock team will do whatever we can to accommodate you

• Convenient and easy to use: web and email based order and delivery of your summaries

• GO GREEN: DepoDock is a paper-free operation: no postage or mailing costs involved. Superior product: our deposition summaries undergo tight quality control

• DepoDock and all deposition summary personnel are based in the United States

• Strict confidentiality assurance

Why should you use an outside service for deposition summaries?

To reduce staffing cost: no need to recruit, hire and manage extra staff to do deposition summaries. Cut your expenses by decreasing payroll taxes, insurance and benefits

To free up in-house personnel for other duties: while your depositions are being summarized, office staff can focus on other high level tasks in connection with your cases

To save cost on experts: providing a deposition summary can expedite your expert’s review process and can save you money

To save you reading time: a deposition summary reduces testimony to key facts. The usual transcript to summary ratio is 10:1, so a hundred pages of transcript is condensed into ten pages of deposition summary

To help you prepare for trial: one of our formats provides a topic column, making it even easier to find what you are looking for within the deposition summary. This format is very useful when you need to quickly organize all the facts necessary for trial preparation

To relieve a backlog of transcripts waiting to be summarized: Transcripts usually come in batches and sometimes your staff may have a hard time keeping up with deposition summary demands